There's thousands of photographers around the world, and you're here.
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My name is Royce Kaleo S. Machado from the Aloha State. Hawaii.
But if you're local and need it broken down more. Kalihi.


Art has always been a part of my life. Although I was curious about photography since high school, I was too occupied with sports that I didn't actually pick up a camera until I graduated and moved to AZ. That's when I bought my first camera, an SLR Minolta (film), in 2003. I didn't buy my first DSLR until maybe, 2010, which was a Nikon D600 that I still use today as a back-up. All those years has passed and I still love photography today!


Photography to me is a timeless, ageless, craft. It doesn't matter who you are, how old you are, where you're from, or even how long you've been doing it. If you can capture great photos, tell a story, and make people feel and relive that exact moment at a still image. That's all that matters.


The best part about what I do is that these photos will be looked at for YEARS to come.

Many will print these, place them in their homes, and most likely outlive them where generations of family to come will be able to look at what I call Forever Memories.


All I'm doing is capturing memories through a lens!
Wedding and Engagement Photography, Portrait Photography, Family Portraits, Sports Photography